Our Mission.

To epitomize luxury with elegance and grace, not only by staying true to the centuries old artisan quality of a superior handmade product, but in each moment spent engaging with our global community in all facets of daily life. A life of dreams brought to fruition. Aspire and inspire.

Our Brand.

Modernized vintage style that is chic, classic and unique. OKV is designed in Toronto, Canada and made in Florence, Italy. Inspired by the past and guided by the future; OKV holds sacredly the art of handmade craftsmanship and quality of leather, thus maintaining the integrity of our luxury product. All of our products have been handmade with vintage Italian vegetable tanned leather of superior quality, fine materials and crafted with careful attention to detail. Each skin has been produced in the Tuscany region, with century old methods that require the expert care of skilled craftsmen.

Our Values.

As a brand we understand our social responsibility to the environment, which is why we choose to create our products with sustainability in mind from responsible leather sourching to production. This choice is what gives each of our products a unique history and makes each item one of a kind.

"Each product would have the presence of the person who crafted it, and the fathers who helped teach them how.."

Reduced Waste.

We utilize only leathers that are by-products of other industries such as the meat industry, which would otherwise have been discarded. No animal was killed for the purpose of its leather. The facility in which our leathers are crafted, runs 90% solar energy during the summer and 50% during the winter season. Emissions from the facility are put through a specialized filtration system before being released into the atmosphere. Waste from the leather making process – such as sludge is recycled to manufacture bricks for the construction industry. Wastewater is collected, reused and purified. Hairs and small fibres are also repurposed into fertilizer.

Chemical Free.

At OKV, we believe a beautiful product can be made free of chemicals. Our leather products are dyed using an ancient method of vegetable tanning, that contains all natural ingredients such as tannins from fruits, fruit pods, leaves, oak, chestnut, quebracho and mimosa tree bark.
We strive to epitomize luxury by providing high quality products designed to be carried with you in style throughout your life-long journey and adventure.

Aspire and inspire.